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Chiffon Bouquet - Rich Honey

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A Midsummer’s Floral Dream

Timeless beauty personified by immaculate modern style. Be the standard of feminine beauty that knows no boundaries. This exquisitely made chiffon floral gown catches the eye from every detail. A small tied collar drapes into a lightly pleated chiffon top. Soft material underlines the gown from collar to ankle, accentuating the intricate fold over pleats.  Long puff sleeves are perfection in its free-flowing floral design and lightweight pleated detail, comfortably leading to unrestricting elastic cuffs. From the delicate floral design to the durable chiffon quality, this sophisticated floral gown is unmatched and unquestionably gorgeous.  


Color - Light earth tones of brown and tan accentuated with floral hues of red, pink and light green.  


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