Mauve Crystal Maxi

$33.99 $48

In the Stars

Be modern, be beautiful, be mesmerizing as you shine in this one of a kind star crystal design abaya/dress. Crystals in a star shape are noticeably bold and carefully hand-stitched throughout the abaya/dress, leaving you the main star of any room, event, or party.  Fall in love with how the crystal stars will radiate in this flawlessly flowy lightweight fabric. The detachable belt gives you versatility to wear the abaya/dress in multiple ways; to the front for modern elegance and to the back for sophisticated grace.




Features: Hand stitched crystals from waste down, three crystals on each cuff sleeve, matching detachable belt, two side belt loops, and one crystal button on the back. 

Color: Mauve; The perfect pale purple color.


Size Chart 
Length  59 59 59 59
Shoulder 15 1/2 16 16 1/2 17
Chest 38 40 42 44
Waist  40 42 44 46
Hem 90    92 94    96
Sleeve 22 1/2 23 23 1/2 24
Cuff 7 1/2 8    8 1/2 9   

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